About ASET

ASET is the premier regulator, service provider, and promoter of safe, high quality professional technology practice in Alberta

Project Overview

ASET approached us to build the best-looking association website in the country and we achieved their goals! Not only does the site fully integrate with iMIS, it also features an interactive navigation structure that allows for a user-friendly experience inside a modern and exciting interface.


Implementation Goals

ASET’s overall goal was to revamp its main website with a modern and mobile-friendly design with more accessible content to attract more members and increase membership signup. The website needed to accommodate a lot of content that visitors could easily access, and administrators could easily update. ASET also needed to amalgamate eight different systems into one CMS and AMS combined. The short-term goal for the project was to create a new site with intuitive navigation that accommodated a lot of content and supported mobile platforms. The long-term goal of the project was to integrate all of ASET’s separate systems.

The Challenges

ASET wanted to adopt modern design standards and make it easier to navigate through the fragmented mix of content data and functionality on its existing website. The main challenge was that the site needed to be completely rebuilt and integrated with a new CMS and with ASET’s other systems. The site needed to be easy to maintain for non-technical system administrators. There was also time pressure to deliver a final product before an Annual General Meeting where the site would be displayed.

The biggest challenge was finding a CMS that could facilitate a massive redesign with many custom features while being user-friendly for both administrators and site visitors. The CMS also had to have the capacity to integrate several systems so that users could experience one seamless platform while switching between databases. This large amount of content required a unique site architecture and design that could accommodate a lot of information and make navigation easy for the end user.

The Results

The end product was an impressive and user-friendly website that ASET used to bolster member engagement and site traffic. The site’s robust functionality facilitated a unique user experience based on user type. ASET’s staff was also able to update and add new website content more efficiently and with ease into an integrated system. ASET was incredibly pleased with the highly-modern new design and functionality.

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