By Keith Stoute on May 16th, 2023

Job boards, career centers… we’ve all used them. But does your organization have one, and is it running outside your iMIS environment? If so, you may be losing a tremendous opportunity for member engagementand revenue.

Here are six compelling reasons to operate in iMIS with our Job Board for iMIS:

Reason #1 - Money!

Who doesn’t like more money? Third-party solutions have high annual fees and/or take a large amount of the revenue paid when jobs are advertised. Wouldn’t you rather keep that?

Reason #2 – Financials

Ask your accountant if they like having revenue collected across multiple platforms. If you collect your dues, events and other revenue through iMIS, why shouldn’t you collect your paid job postings as well? Not to mention the joy of refunding members from different systems…

Reason #3 – Comprehensive Reporting

Your staff don’t appreciate juggling multiple systems to get an overview of the organization's happenings. Members don’t like different websites for different activities either. An iMIS-based job board offers a centralized data storage system, ensuring vital information is readily available whenever it's needed.

Reason #4 – Consistent Branding & Improved Member Experience

No matter how hard you try, your third-party tool will never look like it’s part of your websiteit will disrupt your brand continuity. When it’s built in RiSE, it is part of your website.

Reason #5 – Technical Simplicity

Integrations with third-party solutions often require the creation and maintenance of single-sign-on systems, data syncing, user roles, security settings, and more. By housing all of these within iMIS, you can avoid the technical headaches and overhead. And no more upgrades by one system or another breaking all you’ve built.

Reason #6 – Full Ownership

With a third-party solution your ability to tailor the user experience to meet your unique needs or those of your industry is really hampered. You’re beholden to their product roadmap and development releases. When it’s in RISE you have complete flexibility over the content, page flow and messaging as seen by all constituents. It truly puts you in the driver’s seat.

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