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iMIS Forms
(formerly Sonic Forms)

User and technical information for form designers and administrators


iMIS and Kentico Single Sign-on using SAML

Modern tools using iMIS as your Identity Provider


Helpful Articles

iMIS 2020 and iMIS Cloud Transition

The process of upgrading to iMIS Cloud includes the preparatory step of upgrading to iMIS 2020, on a server hosted with ASI. This article reviews the separate stages of moving from self hosted (iMIS 2017) to iMIS Cloud.

Alberta Association of Architects’ Landslide Win with Online Elections

When it comes to leadership, the mandate of the leaders at any point in time can only be respected if the system that elected them is one of integrity.  This is true in our governments, as well as our member-based organizations.

Using iMIS to Run Our Business

iMIS is the industry leading Engagement Management System (EMS) used to power thousands of not-for-profit member based organizations and charities. Most of our customers who use iMIS are regulatory bodies, unions, trade associations and certifying bodies.