VA Redirector

The VA Redirector is a complementary iPart that is designed to allow you to make your Sonic Forms applications more interactive, intuitive and dynamic. The VA redirector allows you to:

  1. Grant access to any RiSE page based on the identity of the user who is trying to view the page.
  2. Send a user to a specific or alternative page based on their identity.

The VA Redirector is included with all Sonic Forms installations beginning with version 2.1.160901 (September 2016). Installation assistance is available if required.

How it Works

When a page is accessed within iMIS, the VA Redirector first executes a series of predefined checks based on the user's identity in iMIS. When a check is valid then the VA Redirector will either:

  • Permit the user to stay on the page, OR
  • Redirect the user to another specified page

Note that as soon as a valid check is found the VA Redirector stops processing further checks.

There are three types of checks available:

  1. Authenticated - Returns true for any logged in user
  2. Not Authenticated - Returns true for a public user who is browsing your website without logging in.
  3. IQA Check - Returns true based on the results of a specified IQA. IQAs used with the VA Redirector can be configured to check for any conditions (e.g. member type, status, most recent login, etc.) that you specify and then either allow access to the page in question or redirect the user to another more appropriate


Here is an example which might be used on a New Member application form:

  1. If the user is Not Authenticated then send to Join now or Login page.
  2. If the IQA check "Application in Process?" returns true, then allow the user to continue ("stay on page")
  3. If the IQA check "Is a Member?" returns true, then send the user to their Member Profile page
  4. If the Authenticated check is true (i.e. no application in process and not a member) then send the user to the "New Member Application" page.


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