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Visual Antidote has helped our customers get the results they need from industry-leading software platforms such as iMIS, Kentico and Salesforce. Our talented team, based in Toronto, Canada, can deliver a wide variety of services and components to help you do better.

We have strong experience in conversion and implementation projects. Post-implementation we also can create high quality add-ons to your systems that seamlessly integrate into your business processes. All of this is backed by a strong customer service focus, accountability and on-going support.

Founded in 2004, Visual Antidote has grown to become one of Canada's leading iMIS Authorized Consultants and has been a Gold Partner for Kentico since 2013. Visual Antidote also created popular form-building tools for iMIS and Salesforce and has extensive experience in integrating these technologies.

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Our Team

Web Developer
Ali is a Kentico Developer at Visual Antidote. He carries experience in both frontend and backend technologies, and is well-versed in .NET MVC and Angular. Also a 2-time Drawful Champion.
Web Developer
Angel Milev is a software developer with over 15 years of experience. Expert in system integration and product development. Lead developer on form builder and a Certified iMIS Extension Developer.
Senior Business Analyst
BJ is a passionate and compassionate business analyst with 15+ years experience. She is a Certified iMIS Administrator (CiA) and loves to assist clients on getting what they need out of iMIS!
Web Developer
Senior Business Analyst
With over 30 years experience in information technology and working with iMIS since 2004, Denis has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help iMIS work for you.
Web Developer
Ilyas Nasirov is a software developer with over 20 years of experience, working in  full-stack development using .NET framework.
Senior Consultant & Technical Lead
James a Senior Consultant and the Technical Lead at Visual Antidote. He is both a Certified iMIS Consultant and Certified Kentico Developer with over 15 years of experience in web technologies.
Web Developer
President & CEO
Keith Stoute is a serial tech entrepreneur and inventor whose products have been used by tens of thousands of users all over the globe.
Administrative Assistant
Business Analyst
Nadine is Visual Antidote's Business Analyst and Project Lead. She loves working with all sorts of data and turns them into creative solutions!
Web Developer
Web Developer
Web Developer
Senior Consultant
Supreet is an innovative and experienced all rounder who strongly believes in client success. He is always ready to take on new challenges to convert them into client friendly iMIS solutions.


Written by the Team

Check out some technology insights from our team.

iMIS 2020 and iMIS Cloud Transition

The process of upgrading to iMIS Cloud includes the preparatory step of upgrading to iMIS 2020, on a server hosted with ASI. This article reviews the separate stages of moving from self hosted (iMIS 2017) to iMIS Cloud.

Alberta Association of Architects’ Landslide Win with Online Elections

When it comes to leadership, the mandate of the leaders at any point in time can only be respected if the system that elected them is one of integrity.  This is true in our governments, as well as our member-based organizations.

Using iMIS to Run Our Business

iMIS is the industry leading Engagement Management System (EMS) used to power thousands of not-for-profit member based organizations and charities. Most of our customers who use iMIS are regulatory bodies, unions, trade associations and certifying bodies.