Flexible architecture can be used for simple training, quizzes, large exams or complex courses made up of tests and lessons

Fully Integrated into iMIS

Manage your courses directly in the iMIS Staff site. All user data and scoring is available through iMIS IQAs


Customize how VA Insight looks and works to suit your iMIS Website. We made the system easy to modify to tailor to each clients unique needs.

VA Insight is a learning management system for creating educational courses and tests in iMIS. Courses can be made up of a combination of Lessons and/or Tests. VA Insight is installed directly into iMIS and is accessible in the IMIS Staff Site.

User Manual

VA Insight User Manual

VA Insight comes with a selection of IQA reports built in. These reports include:

  • Individual Exam Results
  • Overall Exam Results
  • Course Registrations

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