iMIS SAML Single Sign-on

Visual Antidote is now offering a toolkit for Single Sign-on using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) integration. For easy integration with Kentico and other compatible SAML Service Providers.


  • Your members can use their iMIS login to access all of your online systems.

  • This industry standard approach allows multiple web properties using the SAML standard to use iMIS as their Identity Provider.

  • iMIS member information and roles can be synchronized between systems automatically.


  • SAML is an industry standard approach to Single Sign-on and is supported by multiple applications and services. Because it is platform independent, clients can expand their supported systems and services easily by using SAML integration. 
  • SAML is highly secure. By using a shared encryption key between systems clients can have a high degree of confidence that user data is fully protected while in transit.
  • SAML offers an excellent user experience. SAML provides the ability for users to securely access multiple applications with a single set of credentials entered once. 

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